Discover the gritty, clever FBI Special Agent Domini Walker!

If you enjoy page-turning thrillers that are part riveting mystery,  part gripping police procedural, and part piercing exposé on injustices, the Dom Walker series is for you.

If you like Clarice Starling, Harry Bosch, Lisbeth Salander, Jack Reacher, and Tracy Crosswhite, you’ll love Dom Walker.

Sound of a Furious Sky

FBI Agent Domini Walker Book One

A missing heiress. A mysterious trip. And a brutal murder come together in this gripping page-turner, the first in HN Wake’s new series featuring FBI Special Agent Domini Walker.

Returning from an involuntary leave of absence, the gutsy, tenacious FBI Special Agent Domini Walker catches a no-brainer missing persons case. The young heiress Hettie Van Buren has slipped away on a sexy weekend with a delinquent boyfriend. 

But things are not as they seem. Not by a long shot. The gruesome discovery of the boyfriend's corpse catapults Dom into action. Has Micah Zapata's Honduran past finally caught up with him? Why did Micah and Hettie conceal their trip?  What secrets is the wealthy Van Buren family hiding?

While awaiting the findings of a perilous internal affairs investigation and battling her own personal demons from a tragic past, Dom races to assemble the pieces of a treacherous puzzle. With the help of sassy Staff Operations Specialist Lea Peck and peculiar museum researcher Mila Pascale, Dom tracks an elusive killer—from sumptuous Central Park penthouses to the haunting piers in the Bronx and the dusty plains of Honduras.


Hidden in the Silence

FBI Agent Domini Walker Book Two

A brutal recording. A dead journalist. And a mysterious research topic combust in this rapid-fire thriller, the second in HN Wake’s blazing series featuring FBI Special Agent Domini Walker.

Gutsy, tenacious FBI Special Agent Domini Walker is just recovering from her most recent operation when a close family friend calls with a plea for help.  A young journalist, Ben Shapiro, has died under suspicious circumstance. What had Ben discovered, and more importantly, who in New York City did his discovery threaten? 

With the help of family friend Vivienne Preston, Staff Operations Specialist Lea Peck and Special Agent Owen Whyte, Dom and her team begin to backtrack Ben’s investigative footprints.

Meanwhile, odd researcher Mila Pascale is intent on blowing open the hidden secrets of Dom’s father’s suicide.


Secrets of the Angels

FBI Agent Domini Walker Book 3

 A kidnapping. A bank heist. And a cold case meld in the third novel of HN Wake's blistering Dom Walker series. 

Coming January 2021.